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Onsite standby generators are smart, automatic, durable and accessible solutions for multi-family residences and commercial spaces. Mitigate the effects of electrical service loss, maintain safety and security, protect workstations and servers, keep battery backups at full and even keep air conditioners that cool server rooms running.

Excellent Product

We install excellent products from manufacturers with high customer satisfaction ratings. Modern models have developed great features that add up to a reliable solution with a long lifespan that accumulates return on investment. Properly installed and serviced, generators will perform for years past their warranty expiration. The most venerable generator we’ve worked on was put into service in 2002. 16 years later it is running strong and the owner has no intention of replacing it.


Whole Office or Essential Circuits Only?

Choose the size generator that fits your needs. Every business has different power needs. If you only need some essential “emergency” circuits backed up, such as lights, security and a few servers, you won’t need as big a generator as you would to backup the whole office including workstations, all servers and the coffee machine. If you would like to backup larger appliances or equipment, bigger generators are available. Every business is unique and we’ll help you identify your needs and provide the right generator solution to you.


Some of the benefits of having a reliable source of backup power for your business are:


• Keeping the lights on for accessibility and safety

• Maintaining power to security system

• Protecting IT assets including servers, workstations and digital assets

• Maintaining internal and external communications (provided outside connection is available)

• Keeping batteries and UPS fully charged

• Running air conditioner for servers and personnel (with larger generators)

• Some businesses might be able to keep operating during power outages

• Backup just the essentials, or, the whole business if load size permits


Automatic, Hands-Free

Dempsey Electric Socal Generators installs smart products that sense when the power goes out and start themselves automatically, restoring electrical power through the existing electrical system in seconds. Generators are smart enough to wait out a momentary brownout preventing unnecessary starts and stops. Measures to protect your investment are implemented into each generator mechanically and electronically. It’s designed to be a hands-free process.


Versatile Fuel Options

Fuel options are available for varying applications. Natural gas is the most efficient and common fuel source for backup generators. Propane is available for areas where natural gas is not accessible.


For applications that require long run times or greater power output, liquid cooled clean diesel generators that meet California emissions requirements are available. These models offer excellent efficiency and reliability, as well as quieter operation.



Generators can be connected to your WiFi to provide remote monitoring. This monthly fee service will allow monitoring of the generators performance and health. It can also provide scheduled service reminders to keep the generator in top shape and extend it’s life cycle.


Options are available for managing larger loads so they don’t overload the generator. For instance, an A/C is running when the power goes out. An option to lock out the A/C while the generator is providing power can prevent overloading the generator as it starts up. Installations can be customized to fit your needs.



Most generators installed by Dempsey Electric Socal Generators come with a five year limited warranty for parts and labor from the factory. Our installations carry a five year limited warranty on the installation work. We offer service and repair for the many generators that have outlived their warranty period and are still running today. The oldest one we’ve worked on was put in service in 2002 and is running strong sixteen years later.


Scheduled Maintenance

We offer scheduled maintenance service programs to keep your generator running reliably for years to come. Scheduled maintenance is critically important to maximize the life of your generator and maximize ROI. At each service our trained technicians inspect the generator, check it’s vitals, change oil and air cleaner, inspect valves and adjust if necessary, and look for electronic or mechanical issues that need correction.


Professional Installation

Proper installation and scheduled maintenance are key to maximizing a generator’s performance and lifespan. There are many factors to take into account: Size, location, code considerations, access to fuel supply, maximum load size, load management, whole house backup or partial backup, to name a few. Dempsey Electric Socal Generators will advise and assist through the process of choosing the right solution for you. We have manufacturer trained installers and experience with installation details, best practices and code compliance issues.


Drawing on years of electrical experience, a manufacturer trained master electrician oversees every installation, making sure each install is efficient and up to quality expectations. Testing is done on the electrical, mechanical and electronic components to verify they are operating properly.


Never more affordable, a standby generator installed by Dempsey Electric Socal Generators provides a reliable solution to hardening your business against the growing problem of power outages and the business disruption that results. Call today for a free job walk and estimate!


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