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How long does installation take?

Typical installations take 1-2 days. More complex installations can take 3 days or more.


Does it require permits and plans?

Yes, typically permits are required by local regulation. You may need to check with your home owners organization after the job walk. Socal Generators will assist with permitting for installations.


Can a generator replace utility power?

No, not in the long term. Fuel for the generator would cost more than utility power, and wear and tear on the generator would require more frequent service and maintenance. Standby generators are designed to fill in for utility power temporarily.


Can I backup my entire property?

In most residential situations, yes, a whole house backup is possible. Commercial situations must be considered individually based on power requirements. In all cases, we can find the right size generator to provide your power needs.


Can I backup some of my home with a smaller generator?

Yes, you can. A system can be customized to your requests. Typically, this is a more complex installation because of the added electrical work required to separate the chosen circuits from the others.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a limited 5 year manufacturer warranty on most generators. We offer a limited 5 year warranty on installation.


Does it need maintenance?

Yes, the generator requires regular maintenance. Socal Generators provides maintenance agreements for generators in warranty and out of warranty.


Will I need to turn the generator on?

No, our generators are automatic and hands-free. They turn themselves on when utility power is out and shut themselves off when utility power returns.


Do you offer generator repairs?

Yes, we do. If your generator is under warranty, we can assist with getting your warranty repairs done. If not, we offer a competitive hourly rate and annual service packages. Call for details.


Can generators run on propane?

Yes, generators can run on liquid propane. You will need a dedicated tank, at least 120 gallons, preferably larger for your own convenience. Special regulators are required, so you will not be able to fuel the generator from a BBQ size tank.


Does the generator get enough exercise?

Yes, the generator will start and “exercise” once a week for 15 or 20 minutes. It does this to keep from settling which leads to an eventual malfunction and premature aging of the generator.


Is it loud?

Like all engines, generators do make some noise. The noise is not unbearable. While in your home, you may hear it slightly as it runs outside.

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