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Scheduled maintenance is important to maximize the lifespan and return on investment from a generator. It’s also important to keep your factory warranty valid.


Scheduled Maintenance

Standby generators are designed to be durable and reliable for years. To stay that way, they will need regular scheduled maintenance, once or twice a year. Just like your car, oil changes are required. Components need changing when they wear out.


Our manufacturer trained technicians can complete the scheduled maintenance onsite by appointment. Change oil, replace air cleaner, check and replace spark plugs, check and adjust valves, check error logs, inspect the mechanical and electrical components, and more. They usually leave the generator cleaner than they found it, to boot.



Should an issue occur with your generator, we can help with diagnosing and repairs. We can check to see if your unit is under warranty and assist with warranty repairs. If your unit is one of the many that have outlived their warranties, we offer competitive hourly rates and annual service packages.


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