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The Power's Out-What's Your Plan B?

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When the power goes out, don't reach for the candles. Don't run to grab the flashlight either. Just wait for your backup generator to kick into action.

SoCal Generators is your local generator installation company serving both home and business owners in Simi Valley, Oxnard, CA and greater Los Angeles. We can install and repair a variety of backup generators to meet your building's needs and always keep you operating.

Don't go an hour without power

A commercial or home standby generator can provide peace of mind. We're certified, licensed and insured to complete backup generator services, including:





Learn more about our home standby generator products by calling 818-521-5543. Our generator installation company will deliver the best generator to suit your property.



Smart generators make better homes

Residential and commercial backup generators make living easier. With updated technology, most generators come with:

  • Smart controls - When your unit powers on, it will prioritize circuits and kick out circuits that could overload your system.
  • Smart sensors - Modern backup generators can detect when the power goes out and automatically turn on.
  • Smart monitoring - You can monitor the performance and efficiency of your generator and schedule maintenance remotely.

All of our generator installations come with a five-year warranty. Reach out to ask about our residential or commercial generator installation service today.